Chris Neate Music
I have been involved in various music projects including live performance & studio work. I have played Guitar & Bass in musicals as well as Classical Guitar performance. I’ve also performed in several bands playing material ranging from Pop & Funk through  to Rock.

All of the music  available on this site was written and recorded by myself. I performed all of the Guitar/Bass/Piano/Keyboards/Mandolin/Drums & Percussion. Other instruments were played on Keyboards or Roland GR20 Guitar Synth.

Earlier tracks were recorded on analog 8 track (Fostex R8 & Studiomaster 16/8/2 board plus various outboard processing ). Later recordings were made using Cubase VST & Halion software running on a Dell Laptop with Digigram VX Pocket 24bit soundcard & a new set up for 2010 using a MOTU Ultralite mk3 audio interface & specialised audio laptop.